Dynamic farming Inventory system in PHP [series 1]

Dynamic farming Inventory system in PHP [series 1]

What is inventory system?

Inventory management is about knowing what products to have on hand and when to have them on hand. It’s about understanding what you have in your warehouse and where your stock is located. It means maintaining optimal inventory levels that avoid unnecessary capital expenditures, while ensuring you can meet demand and not run out of goods and that is why i want to start a Dynamic farming Inventory system in PHP [series 1].

Determining the right inventory management system for your business requires assessing your needs today and your plans for future growth. As your company grows, can your inventory management system scale along with it? As your business evolves, does the system offer flexibility to facilitate change? Will it give you the visibility you need to manage inventory requirements?

Inventory theory? why

Traditional on-premise ERP systems and less sophisticated systems like Quick-books typically lack the real-time visibility required to effectively manage inventory in today’s modern distributors. Many companies resort to unwieldy spreadsheets to manage inventory or rely on gut feel, potentially costing thousands of dollars in emergency replenishment or lost revenue from stock-outs.

Writing the codes

Now based on this little enlightenment on what an inventory system is and how it can aid in business we’ll be delving into a series of coding  an enterprise application like this in PHP, Now basically, i’ll have to make it in 4 series, not because it is tedious, but because we need to understand the pure logic of how the codes work rather than  just writing the codes.

At the end of the series, the full code would be available here for download, and also on github for open contributions, and bet me there would be a lot of pull requests because we’re doing something minimal here and someone might just want to make it more standardized. kindly keep to your toes to see this series in full lime light.


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