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[episode 1] Creating an online platform in flask for dummies

Welcome back,  this is the first series of Creating an online platform in flask for dummies, actually i have not been so active due to the fact that there were lots of things i had to fix and get along with, but am back now for a hot series in python, actually it is really going to be the simplest tutorial in flask you have ever encountered, why? Because am going to teach it the way i learnt, now what do i mean? Learning flask for website development in Python was pretty hard for me because i was not jut after writing the codes, i was after the implementation on how those codes were going to work, i had to start grinding the nitty gritty of those codes, and with time i started writing cool flask codes.

What is flask ?

It is important to know what you are going to dealing with, now flask is a python framework for web development,it is the half brother of another framework known as django, over the years the Django and flask framework has been through lots of controversies on which language thrived the most, but at the end of it, we still find out that the question has not yet been answered, personally i do not have an issue with frameworks provided they work., so we can say that flask is a Micro framework for web development using the python language, it gives the developer to modify the platform he or she is creating without imposing some features or characteristics just like Django.

Online Platform? what are we really building?

Yes, i know you are really curious to know what we want to make out of this flask framework, what are we really building, now actually for the basis of this tutorials, i’ll be building a learning management system, which would be pushed to open source later for additions and removals, but i had to generalize the name (online platform) because you can use what you will learn in this series to actually build any website of your choice, and even incorporate it with machine learning as the time comes.

Are we dummies ?

Sincerely speaking, you’re the best kind of people i ever encountered (at least for visiting my blog, even though i’ve not met tons of you guys before), but i’ll say the reason i had to use that word is because this tutorial is strictly for those who really don’t know anything about flask, and people who are willing to learn more about flask, starting from the scratch.

Audience for this series

Please this tutorial is just for noobs and people who have not had any knowledge of flask before and are willing to learn from the scratch, it is not for professionals, ill advise professionals to look for core top notch flask projects on Github and bitbucket and rough their way through it, they should leave us that are still starting to learn.

Prerequisites (what do you need to learn flask)

Yes , i know you have all it take, all you need is the mind to learn (a very broad mind), also having a computer system to practice wont be bad, and then you’ll also need to have a little knowledge of the python programming language, but even if you really do not have a knowledge of python do not fret!, we’ll touch some basics as we flow.

When are we starting?

Tada! check the next post.


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