Python vs PHP

Python vs PHP in 2019 – Comparison & similarities

Python vs PHP   seems a hard task to compare in this our trending world of technology,due to the fact that many tech companies,freelancers,software engineers use both languages for great projects and also implement these projects for meaningful things which is later brought out for end users.

So why the comparison between both languages,Python vs PHP , at the end of this post you will realize why we decided to compare the two languages,not because we are critics of a particular language or because we use a particular language more, its to find out what the future of these languages hold in store for us and what it would spring up to become.

Python vs PHP (Ease of learning)

Without much doubt it is certainly clear that python is much easier to learn than PHP, and python is a general purpose language, and it can be picked up very easily and quickly, infact python is the most recommended languages for beginner programmers and because they are so much easier to read and write.

Php on the other hand wan’t meant to be a general purpose language, it was designed specifically for web applications which are definitely more sophiscated than simple, stand-alone programs,as a result, PHP takes more time to learn than python.


Python vs PHP(Community support)

Python vs PHP both have excellent community support and because php has been in the market for a while before python, it seems there are a lot of developers ready to provide support for the community of php development aganist python, so we can say that Php has an upper hand in this. python became popular when google started using it to write some of their applications like youtube. but it should be noted that facebook’s primary backend language is PHP.

Python vs PHP (Speed)

PHP 5.x versions were quite slow,and they were taking a lot of time in execution, however, the new release of PHP 7.x is extremely fast, almost 3 times faster than a typical python program,speed often becomes an important factor in performance critical applications, for instance in a core banking system that gets a million hits on a daily basis, a delay of 3 times might create a significant impact on the overall system performance, therefore talking about speed,PHP wins by a significant margin over Python.

Python vs PHP (Machine Learning)

Machine learning is the future, now what do i mean by the future, machine learning which has to do with core areas of artificial intelligence, exploratory data analysis and the likes of deep learning and Natural language processing etc. which most companies in the world today are incorporating and more are still going to delve into, it has to do with i may term the impossible made possible (Imagine a self driving car with almost 300 million lines of code).

Python vs PHP in this case is not really a tough one, because according to survey over 98.6% of software engineers preferred python to PHP when it comes to machine learning, why because its the most reliable, efficient,has accurate runtime envionment and speed for machine learning applications, and moreso has a wide community of developers, so the big question is, in the Year 2019.

what does Python and PHP has in stock for us?
The truth remains that python takes the lead, because in the first placee, PHP was prolly not designed for machine learning, even though developers are trying to fix an eye on it, but certainly python takes the lead in this case.

Python vs PHP (Desktop Apps)

Now as at the time of writing this post, a software developer beside me was trying to nudge me saying, how come you want to write about Python vs PHP comparison as related to desktop applications ?, both are good, and can be used so to say, but are just in-efficient, but come to think of it, python can be used for desktop apps (of course) and PHP can be used too (Are you sure?), okay lets get down to this.

Python has a number of frameworks , and can be used for developing cross platforms GUI’s and GUI’s, now why did i say cross platform GUI’s and Gui’s, the reason is because some of the frameworks, can be used to create apps that would run on all devices, while some are not so, there must be a file to trigger it for use in a particular device, let’s leave that for another post.

Python has the Kivy framework,Tkinter and wxpython frameworks, and a host of others used in creating Cross platform dektop apps, and it is also widely used by several software engineers to proffer solutions all over the globe (At least i have used Kivy and Tkinter for projects before), even though these frameworks might not be fast, or have a faster run time than the traditional C,C++ and C#, they certainly can be used to develop desktop apps which would scale in production environments.

Now what about PHP, even though a lot has not been said about PHP desktop apps in recent times, there have been a developer revolution in some part of the globe where PHP is beginning to gain waves in desktop applications using the PHP-GTK framework, and also the WXPHP, but according to survey taken based on the Python vs PHP desktop apps, python had 69% of the votes while php had 31%.



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