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Starting a career in web backend development

Welcome to, this is a blog specially dedicated to tutoring and also mentoring noobs on backend development to kickstart a career in core backend development.

Firstly, my name is Samuel Jim, and am a backend software engineer, and i use programming languages not limited to PHP and NodeJS for backend development, together with the frameworks attached to them, this post is actually to show the noob or backend enthusiast on the steps on starting a career in backend development.

Web development is a lucrative business in our world of today and certainly pays off for developers who know stuff, web development is also divided into two major aspects, the frontend development and the backend development.

The frontend development deals with the user interface coding and also integration of features would be on the website for users to interact with, it can simply be said to be the visual or the visible part of the webpage which a user visits when he or she visits a website.

The Backend development refers to the Logic involved in building the website, the backend is the driving force that powers the user functions such as Registration, login and other user activities, so we can say that it is the part of the code that makes user experience possible because it powers actions on a webpage.

Starting a career in backend development or kick-starting out as a backend developer is one that is very lucrative, and also increases the thinking ability, problem finding and problem-solving skills of the backend developer, besides it also offers core challenges in the field of website development which certainly helps in managing future issues.

To start a career in Backend development, at least a basic knowledge of PHP(Hypertext processor) and its frameworks are needed, it is not a criterion for one to be well versed in all the frameworks, at least knowing one or two won’t be bad.

Also to further in the career an extensive knowledge of NodeJs would be required in the future, in order to be valuable in the backend industry for web developers, an extensive knowledge of the two technologies should be at least a must, and with the understanding of the frameworks.

More contributions are welcomed, feedbacks and constructive criticisms are also most welcomed.




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